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June 17, 2020.

The world is facing some very strange and difficult crises all at once. One hardly knows where to start: the Covid 19 lockdown is one of the most challenging, as it has affected everyone, literally, on planet earth. And to date some 400,000 people have died from this tragedy. From a green perspective, it has either been caused by catastrophic research on tampering around with already deadly viruses to make them even more deadly (quite likely say some scientists) or it has been caused by humans invading niches in the ecosphere where we don’t really belong and getting too up-close to exotic bats. Either way, it’s a catastrophe for humanity with vast implications. At the same time we are now suffering from an outbreak of racist violence in the USA and vivid reminders of how ante-diluvian the policing methods are in the land of Jim Crow. The people who shot Abraham Lincoln (in a conspiracy never really brought to justice, like so many others) seem to be intent on carrying on as if the Confederacy won the civil war. They are also engaged in massive fraudulent misinformation via the internet through Steve Bannon and his data manipulation empire of Cambridge Analytica and their surrogates that makes Goebbels’ propaganda look puny and amateurish. This is something that makes you want to rest the clocks and wonder if we are living in 2020 or 1820 ! Then the ever present dangers of runaway global warming are continuing to exercise great minds around the planet, and the UN Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change is issuing guidance on this front, now from lock down. At the same time there remains the ever present fear or possibility of accidental nuclear weapons discharge leading to a third world nuclear war, and the self destruction of humanity. If you don’t believe me, watch the documentary movie The Man Who Saved the Earth, about a humble Russian army Colonel who literally did that. So these are just some of the many reasons to look at things from a green perspective. If you do, and you listen to just some of the amazing intellectual and spiritual resources available here on this website, you will find moral, and rational and scientific intelligence enough to carry on with the struggle. Today we have to solve all these problems, simultaneously - and for that we need joined up thinking. But that is exactly what the esoteric traditions of humanity (Kabbalah,. Sufism, Gnosis) etc. provided to our forebears. It gave them hope and a trial to peace in the midst of chaos and war. It can do the same for us. So listen in, drink your fill. And get on with planetary salvation. We have a world to save together - no more, no less. And it is worth it - because it is full of such beauty, such courage and such imagination, and such love. Adn don’t fogrte the 4 volume Little Book of Peace Declarations that has juist been published – that is anothdr extraordainry resource we can all use to hold our rulers to account. After all there is no point in reinventing the wheel – the are declarations our governments have signed, so let us hold them to account, and we can start by learning about them. Strange these things are not taught in normal schools or normal university degree courses. Strange nobody before your Rector has ever thought to compile all these vital treaties into place. Funny that isn’t it ? Makes you wonder what the Statue of Liberty is holding that Torch for all these years ! You can find these 4 volumes here