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Since our last blog, the COVID pandemic has continued unchecked in many parts of the World. Over 2 million people have died Worldwide and the numbers are increasing- in some countries, exponentially. India is particularly badly hurt at the moment. Where did all this come from? Is it nature’s wake up call to humanity? Or is it something bio-weapons experts deliberately manufactured, and then it leaked?

In France, 99,480 people have died. In the UK, 127,123 people have died. In the USA, 576,567 people have died. In China, only 4636 have died. In India, 171,929 people have died. In Russia 103, 601 people have died. In Italy 115, 088 people have died. In Iran 65,055 people have died. And so on…


Worldwide some 3.4 million people have already died from this pandemic. 

These numbers change every day and you can find them on here:


By any accounting, this is a global catastrophe and one whose real origins are still unknown. There are only two possible explanations; either it was an accidental fluke of nature - a Bat Virus married up with a Pangolin Virus and somehow got loose in Wuhan.  Or the other explanation is that it was engineered in a bio weapons lab deliberately. Probably in Wuhan but with funding from the USA, as well as China, and then escaped by accident. Recently, Jamie Metzel told 60 Minutes that the recent WHO team sent to China to investigate the cause of the outbreak had no one on the team trained in how to formally investigate a lab leak. Metzel is part of an international group that on March the 4th issued an open letter calling for a full and unrestricted forensic investigation into the origins of the pandemic. Metzel told 60 minutes that the lab leak theory is equally plausible as the ‘nature’s accident theory’ and deserves investigation. Robert Redfield, former director of the centres for disease control and prevention, told CNN he believes the Corona Virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan. An article published in Newsweek on March 25th 2021 also questioned the Animal-Human theory stating “it’s not impossible, it’s just getting-struck-by-lightening-while-being-eaten-by-a-shark unlikely”.


From the perspective of the Global Green University, it is outrageous that we are still sitting here in lockdown all over the world and nobody is really asking the right questions. We have discovered that the International Bio-Warfare Convention (1975), which outlaws all biological warfare, provides a mechanism that tests conclusively either way. Is this a manmade bio weapon that has escaped or is it a freak of nature? Incredibly, not a single country which is a signatory of this convention, has as yet actioned the mechanism under international law to activate the investigation. The director of the GGU has written to several international countries urging them to initiate the procedure but as yet, this has still not been done. It is a matter of planetary shame that the intellectuals and academics of the world seem to have been silenced into accepting the ‘shark and lightning theory’ without even calling for a proper investigation. It breaks all the rules of forensic medicine. Better late than ever is what we say. So we have now (May 2021) taken a further step, and set up the ICIAOC (INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO THE AETIOLOGY OF COVID 19). ICIAOC is circulating an information document to dozens of top researchers worldwide asking them to submit evidence to the ICIAOC. Anyone who can recommend other experts adn interested parties to give evidence, please get in touch. Our remit is solely to investigate the aetiology (cause) of this disease and also to remain objective, scientific and intellectually fair in our dealings while doing so, examining all evidence submitted impartially.  The brochure’s contents are as follows (please email us if you would like a copy):





  1. BACKGROUND INFORMATION………………………………………………………………………………………..1
  2. WHO IS BEHIND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO THE AETIOLOGY OF COVID 19 (ICIAOC)?.....................................................................................................................3
  5. HOW THE WORK OF ICIAOC WILL PROCEED…………………………………………………….37
  6. HOW YOU CAN SUBMIT EVIDENCE TO THE  ICIAOC ..…………………………………………37



The World held its breath as Trump supporters attacked the Capitol on January 6th 2021 and a fascist, white racist military coup against American democracy was prevented by the courage of a handful of police officers on duty. Trump gloated in his power to cause mayhem and chaos- like the chaos magician that he is, along with his sidekick Steve Bannon. Fortunately, Biden went on to win to be inaugurated as the American President. One of his first actions was to resign the Paris Climate Change Treaty. Biden is aware of the importance of Environmental Action to prevent more climate catastrophe. Whereas Trump was a climate change denier acting as a mouthpiece of the Big Energy Giants who regard the Green Movement as an annoying flea to be squashed by their control of the mass media. This was all documented in the book ‘Green Backlash’ by Andrew Rowell who explained how the corporate sector have been trying to infiltrate the green movement for the last 30 years, to lessen its impact. Therefore, from the perspective of the GGU Biden’s victory is a welcome relief and we wish him the best of luck along with Kamala Harris and the rest of their team, in trying to roll back the destructive impact of Trump’s half-baked policies. However his lack of fairness in mediation the flare up of conflict between israel and Gaza & Palestine is worrying. Is he not aware that HAMNAS was funded adn sponsored and created by Israeli intelligence? Anyone doubting this should watch this report by journalist Mehdi Hasan on



As some colleagues will be aware, the Rector has been engaged in a concerted campaign to reverse the madness of Brexit. Along with many other reasons, the environmental case for staying in the EU and working with other countries to highlight environmental policies makes the case for re-joining crystal clear in our opinion. Of course, the EU isn’t perfect but it is the best attempt to get the Nations of Europe working together in harmony on Peace, Environmentalism, Human Rights, Education, Prosperity, International Solidarity etc. in all of history. For the UK to turn its back on it at this critical time in World Affairs, having been sold lies and misinformation by the BBC and populist media in the pay of super rich tax-dodgers and corporate billionaires is a sheer derogation of duty that is embarrassing to watch for anyone who loves the once ‘Great Britain’. It’s shocking ignorance of the wishes of the people of Northern Ireland and Scotland is a travesty against the internal “unwritten” democratic constitution of the UK. The GGU, for seven years was based in Scotland and learnt to love and appreciate the fire, vision and passion of the Scottish people. They are fiercely proud of their beautiful environment with its immense natural resources. Therefore, we support their wish for independence, their desire to kick out nuclear weapons from Scotland and their determination to re-join the EU, as they rightly say, Scotland is a European Nation in its own right. Many of the greatest of modern European philosophers have been touched or influenced by Scottish thinkers. Kant, was part Scottish himself. Marx was supported by his beloved wife, Jenny, without whom Marxism wouldn’t exist and who was herself part Scottish. Therefore, we look forward as the GGU to the wheels of karmic history turning in the way of Wyrd and Scotland, a once more independent nation, re-joining Europe where she belongs.




Colleauges may be aware that since the catastrophic implications of Brexit became obvious, your Rector has been involved in a weekly series of fasts, every Sunday. During which he records a film broadcast giving a survey of World Events from a largely Spiritual, Philosophical and Metaphysical perspectives. Over 60 such broadcasts have been made and they can all be watched on our YouTube Channel- IPPSGIP1 or click on this link



Given what we have said above about the importance of Scottish Independence, it is not enough that we should hope for Scottish Independence but we should help actively work for it. Thus, the rector of the GGU has got involved with NOW SCOTLAND, a new trans-party pressure group to campaign and lobby for Scottish independence as a successor state within the UK. The details of all this need working out. How exactly will nuclear weapons be removed from Scotland? Who exactly owns which parts of North Sea Oil? How will British Military Intelligence divide up its assets? Will there be customs checks on the M6? How will the archives and official papers of the UK be divided equitably among its successor states (Scotland and Englandandwales)? These are the sorts of complicated questions that Intellectuals for Free Scotland will be looking at. Anyone interested in getting involved, please contact us for further details. The Green Party in Scotland is very much in favour of Scottish Independence is actively campaigning for a new Scottish Independence Referendum. We are glad that  the vote on May 6th  resulted in a convincing victory for pro-independence parties who now have the mandate to initiate the second independence referendum during the latter part of 2021. We will be watching this space with interest.



The Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has come into law in January 2021. This is a milestone in human history. For the first time an internationally binding treaty has come into operation, signed already by over 70 countries who have pledged never to hold, develop, stockpile, use or threaten to use nuclear weapons under any circumstances whatsoever. Ireland, Austria, most Latin American Countries, Palestine, Jordan and many other countries worldwide- including the Vatican. The task for the coming phase is to get the countries that own and develop nuclear weapons to sign the treaty. As yet, not a single one has done so. Why the Scottish issue is so important from the GGU perspective is that the Scottish independence movement has said that the minute they get independence they will sign this treaty as a free sovereign country and require all nuclear weapons to leave Scottish soil. Our prayer is that this could be a trigger for the UK as a whole to renounce nuclear weapons and to sign the treaty. We believe the Scottish People can show the way forward and become the first nuclear weapons holding power to sign the treaty. This is surely a cause worth campaigning for.



As well as running the Global Green University, your Rector has taken on the duty of coordinating the World Intellectual Forum for Europe. As well as writing a number of blogs and newsletters for members we have published a journal, developed a website and organised a monthly zoom conference since September 2020. This has enabled leading intellectuals from all over the World to speak together about important matters including Peace, Environmental Issues, Human Rights, and Education etc. We have undertaken these meetings with Trans-Brahma, an Indian Think Tank and IPPSGP. All of these events have been recorded and can be watched on the IPPSGP YouTube Channel. Check out the websites of the WIF here: &



The world’s situation with refugees at the moment, and for the past few years, has been pretty horrendous. Wars and destabilisation in many parts of the world, lead to people fleeing for their lives and often having to give up everything they possess to do so. Worldwide it is estimated there are 26 million refugees of whom 50% are under the age of 18. There are also millions of stateless people, denied a Nationality and basic human rights such as education, healthcare, employment, freedom of movement etc. Adding all of these together, the UNHCR estimates there are 79.5 million forcibly displaced people worldwide including 45 million internally displaced people i.e. people for whatever reason being kept in camps even in their own countries. There are many reasons for huge numbers of refugees, including environmental catastrophes (which overlaps with economic reasons), but also religious persecution and civil war and international wars. The Global Green University is a project initiated by IPPSGP in the year 2000 to try to focus academic minds on preventing war and conflict worldwide, not least, recent wars like those in the Middle East, which are also disastrous for the Environment. Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre, the LSE and other such research centres have long documented the impact of war on instability of human populations. The LSE has a Migration Studies Unit which runs an MSC in International Migration and Public Policy. They also run courses on International Migration, Social Conflict and Public Policy under Dr Patrick McGovern and Dr Thielmann as well as publishing a series of working papers and the Journal of Refugee Studies.

With the outbreak of conflict in Syria many refugees came to Europe, and likewise from Libya, which caused anxiety and internal conflict between and among European nations: How should we deal with massive influx of refugees? The people that banged the Brexit drum in the UK used this as a propaganda tool to argue for Brexit. The EU was castigated for being too soft on refugees and campaign posters for Brexit promoted by Farage and co showed long lines of refugees crossing the Balkans as if Europe was about to be ‘swamped’ uncontrollably. This propaganda undoubtedly contributed to Brexit’s fake victory. The posters themselves were later shown to be fakes made up of photoshopped elements, but they had done their trick by spreading fear. You can get domestic populations to turn into racist xenophobes virtually overnight it seems.

Now, we have a situation where there are still some 2000 refugees in Northern France trying (ironically) to get into the UK but being blocked from doing so by the xenophobic Brexit Government that has seized power. The lifestyles of these people are not easy, to put it mildly, and every day they risk their lives, trying on trains, lorries and boats to get across the channel and sadly fatalities occur on a regular basis. Many of the refugees in Northern France have come from war torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Kurdistan, Palestine, South Sudan, Ethiopia etc. In our view, the only long term sustainable solution to the problem of refugees Worldwide, including Europe is for the World’s Political and Intellectual Leadership to make a concerted and comprehensive effort to heal the conflicts raging in many parts of the world at source. For mediating these civil war type conflicts in a holistic, sympathetic and imaginative way. all international governance agencies such as the UN and the EU, should collaborate on this work as a matter of priority. This is why we have called for the European Union to create the European Union Mediation Service (EUMS)  without delay. When you see buildings on fire in a city, the fire brigade rushes to the scene. Even in classical and medieval times, towns organised local fire brigade services. It is a basic feature of human nature to be sociable, caring and compassionate for one another. Therefore, the World must up its ante on conflict resolution work and work creatively with all partners involved. We must put an end to these tragic conflicts underway worldwide. At present, too often governance structures meddle, interfere, exacerbate and increase the conflicts through covert and overt action using propaganda, assassinations, infiltrations and the powers of the dark web to make situations worse rather than better. It is as if a mixture of incompetent and morally delinquent adolescents have seized control of the academy and are governing us. The Global Green University is part of the fight back against the epidemic of ignorance that has swept over the world in the last 20 years since our founding. We all thought the ending of the cold war in Europe would lead to peace and reconciliation on Earth, but instead opportunists and supporters of military capitalism have done a diabolic pact with right wing political parties in order to subvert social stability and the peace consensus that had developed in the wake of WW2. Enough is enough, perhaps the world’s academics should consider going on strike one day a month worldwide (and fasting) until we get proper institutional mechanisms to resolve these conflicts. What is the point of education if all we are doing is papering over the cracks in a broken and failing world system? The vision of hte GGU was from the beginning that of a parallel university, one that is truly global in scope adn supportive of values of peace, justice, equality, non-violence and a demilitarised world. We are all truly refugees from the Kingdom of Heaven, and we are all pilgrims in a difficult world and ought to be helping each other home through the light of intellect, the power of faith and the ink of scholarship.



If you read all the above carefully, you will be led to the inescapable conclusion that the problems of the world cannot be solved on a piecemeal basis, bit by bit, but rather they need some joined up thinking. So many of the problems being faced in different parts of the world e.g. war and peace, refugees, poverty, civil wars, environmental destruction, banditry etc. are caused by similar forms of societal breakdown, lack of trust in authorities and social conflict. Not surprisingly, International bodies are struggling to cope. The latest challenge has come from the COVID pandemic, which few of us could have foreseen and the uncertainty of its cause only adds to our difficulties. And now, in May 2021, we have the latest outbreak of fighting in the asymmetrical Gaza-Palestine-Israel conflict.  The Global Green University has been actively in touch therefore with several Global Governance initiatives and has, through the auspices of the World Intellectual Forum, been trying to get them to collaborate and work out a consensus on the way forward. The World Constitution and Parliament Association is presided over by Philosopher Professor Glen T Martin who spoke at our last WIF zoom conference on the 30th March. His organisation holds regular World Parliament Meetings and has an elaborate constitution worked out which has been in the process of evolution since the 1960s being initially spearheaded by Philip Isely. They believe that a World Parliamentary system of delegated MPs should be brought together with authority to discuss common global problems and to propose solutions that would greatly advance our resilience as a planet to cope with planetary meltdown. The difference between this project and the United Nations is that under its World Constitution- armies would be abolished, intelligence agencies disbanded, all nuclear weapons removed from the planet and nation states would gradually become redundant as people transferred their loyalties to the world federal authority. Professor Martin spoke movingly at our zoom conference on why he believes philosophically this step is not only desirable but also inevitable. At the same time, we also have on the World Intellectual Forum the project of ‘The Universal State of the Earth’ initiated by Dr Nicolas Haggar and Dr Igor Kondrashin and other luminaries. They have a more aristocratic approach to global governance and think that the luminaries of the world should simply come together and form a world government ab initio. If only… Your Rector has also worked with Dr Kondrashin on a proposal to have Socrates declared innocent by the City Government of Athens and the National Government of Greece in retrospect. Some 2400 years since he was sentenced to death in 399BC for thinking too much in public. We’ve also proposed, through the World Intellectual Forum, a ‘Global Good Governance Council’ should be brought into being. Comprising all the parallel bodies working on this topic not just the USE and the World Constitution and Parliament Association but also the Global Policy Institute, the Madrid Council, the Elder’s Group, the Global Thinkers Forum, the Paris Peace Forum, UN Alliance for Civilisations and many other bodies worldwide should cooperate together towards the common goal of building a peaceful, just, humane and sustainable world order in which human solidarity and love replace conflict and greed as the main modalities of group behaviour Worldwide. But the ongoing work of the UN is also important and nothing int eh above should take away a strengthening of its own mandate and its important work for peace. Now the UN is the only thing that prevents a total collapse into moral barbarism. Its needs stronger teeth and the ability to impose sanctions on countries that flout international law, as Israel has been doing over Gaza and the Palestine situation for years, not less. Netayahu’s rudeness when he has addressed recent UN General Assemblies is indicative of his cruelty as a person, who seems to think the UN are the bad guys of history. Talk about revisionism ! His views are also shared by the lunatic wing of the Christian-Zionist movement that supported Trump and marched on the Capitol on Jan 6. These people believe in an imminent coming of a vengeful Judaeo-Christian messiah who will zap all his enemies (including all the Muslims and Roman Catholics)and leave the earth a stinking ruin, and the UN will also be destroyed by this army of avenging angels.. Well, sorry, these kinds of ideas belong in the lunatic wing of history along with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These are dark times the planet is facing and we need above all rational adn serious intellectual debate about the way forward. The GGU stands ready to assist with that work on the academic front.



In all of the above areas, the Global Green University has been active during this last 16 month period of the COVID pandemic, and we are determined to go on playing our role alongside other visionary education projects, to put our shoulder to the wheel blocking the cave  entrance to our collective resurrection and enlightenment. The job of academics and intellectuals should not be underestimated. Everyone involved with education knows how valuable it is but those of us who have opened our eyes to the possibilities of a better world realise that higher education in many parts of the world is part of the problem rather than of the solution. The GGU will continue to try and marshal the forces of intellectual resistance who are seeking genuine solutions to our unprecedented challenges and who are seeking inspiration from the numberless sources of higher knowledge that are now available to us in our time. We hope sincerely, that you will enjoy the resources made available here on our flagship website where many of the great Spiritual and Intellectual traditions of Humanity are analysed and discussed in great detail. One of the most important documents to have been uploaded is our Comprehensive Transpersonal Historical Commentary on the Quran, which has taken nearly 10 years to finish and which is still being completed with commentary on new Verses & Surahs being added to all the time. Given the fighting in Palestine and Gaza it is perhaps of great interest to study anew this founding document of Islam and to ask how it can be reconciled with other sacred scriptures around the world. The Rector has drawn on his extensive knowledge of Sufism to undertake this Commentary. It is perhaps also worth pointing out that green is the colour both of Islam and also El Khidr, a mysterious source of much esoteric knowledge in Sufism. More on the implications of this in the next Rectors Blog.



Rector, Global Green University

May 20, 2021



June 17, 2020.

The world is facing some very strange and difficult crises all at once. One hardly knows where to start: the Covid 19 lockdown is one of the most challenging, as it has affected everyone, literally, on planet earth. And to date some 400,000 people have died from this tragedy. From a green perspective, it has either been caused by catastrophic research on tampering around with already deadly viruses to make them even more deadly (quite likely say some scientists) or it has been caused by humans invading niches in the ecosphere where we don’t really belong and getting too up-close to exotic bats. Either way, it’s a catastrophe for humanity with vast implications. At the same time we are now suffering from an outbreak of racist violence in the USA and vivid reminders of how ante-diluvian the policing methods are in the land of Jim Crow. The people who shot Abraham Lincoln (in a conspiracy never really brought to justice, like so many others) seem to be intent on carrying on as if the Confederacy won the civil war. They are also engaged in massive fraudulent misinformation via the internet through Steve Bannon and his data manipulation empire of Cambridge Analytica and their surrogates that makes Goebbels’ propaganda look puny and amateurish. This is something that makes you want to rest the clocks and wonder if we are living in 2020 or 1820 ! Then the ever present dangers of runaway global warming are continuing to exercise great minds around the planet, and the UN Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change is issuing guidance on this front, now from lock down. At the same time there remains the ever present fear or possibility of accidental nuclear weapons discharge leading to a third world nuclear war, and the self destruction of humanity. If you don’t believe me, watch the documentary movie The Man Who Saved the Earth, about a humble Russian army Colonel who literally did that. So these are just some of the many reasons to look at things from a green perspective. If you do, and you listen to just some of the amazing intellectual and spiritual resources available here on this website, you will find moral, and rational and scientific intelligence enough to carry on with the struggle. Today we have to solve all these problems, simultaneously - and for that we need joined up thinking. But that is exactly what the esoteric traditions of humanity (Kabbalah,. Sufism, Gnosis) etc. provided to our forebears. It gave them hope and a trial to peace in the midst of chaos and war. It can do the same for us. So listen in, drink your fill. And get on with planetary salvation. We have a world to save together - no more, no less. And it is worth it - because it is full of such beauty, such courage and such imagination, and such love. Adn don’t fogrte the 4 volume Little Book of Peace Declarations that has juist been published – that is anothdr extraordainry resource we can all use to hold our rulers to account. After all there is no point in reinventing the wheel – the are declarations our governments have signed, so let us hold them to account, and we can start by learning about them. Strange these things are not taught in normal schools or normal university degree courses. Strange nobody before your Rector has ever thought to compile all these vital treaties into place. Funny that isn’t it ? Makes you wonder what the Statue of Liberty is holding that Torch for all these years ! You can find these 4 volumes here